MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) Visa / Relocating to Malaysia

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Applications Status Update


MM2H program to reopen with new updates

The MM2H program has been temporarily suspended sjnce March 2020 due to covid-19 period.


As there was high demand for the program, the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry previously responsible for handling program applications was not able to manage the large number of applications efficiently. Hence, the Malaysia government has decided to take this opportunity to transfer the responsibility to the Immigration Department, which is better suited for handling the program.


The government has announced that the program will be reopening again with new updates to the program – they will introduce two new MM2H streams: Retirement Program (RP) and Residence by Investment (RBI) – to better gear toward the program’s two main target audiences being retirees and investors.

About the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme

The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme is a 10-year renewable multiple-entry social visit visa offered to non-Malaysians. Here are 9 reasons to apply:

1. Convenience: Upon approval, MM2H holders benefit from the added convenience of being able to enter and reside in Malaysia for a period of 10 years. MM2H holders have special priority when going through customs at the airport.

2. Low entry requirements: see the chart below. Applicants under the age of 50 are required to provide proof of:

3. One application covers the whole family: One application covers the whole family! An MM2H holder can bring along his/her: spouse, parents over 60, and children under 21.

4. Bring along your domestic helper: MM2H holders are entitled to bring along a domestic helper.

5. Obtain favourable mortgage loan amounts: MM2H holders can obtain relatively favourable mortgage loan amounts. As an MM2H holder, you can obtain mortgage loans up to 70% (subject to approval).

6. Tax exception on foreign sourced funds: Income remittances are tax free.

7. Children are allowed to apply to schools: Children under 21 are eligible to study in Malaysia, including top-tier international school, and free primary education in public Chinese school.

8. Run your own business or work part-time: MM2H holders are entitled to run and own businesses; applicants over 50 can apply for a part-time job in Malaysia.

9. No obligation for applicants to stay in Malaysia for any period of time

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