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Bonnie Poon, President of Golden Times Group

“After a friend introduced me to these wonderful new homes in Malaysia, I was pleasantly surprised that Jade Land was offering 3 day 2 night viewing trips to both Penang and Kuala Lumpur. 

Although I did expect the trip to be mostly about the projects and their features, we actually spent a lot of time touring through the neighbourhood and taking in the sights! Theresa showed me what kind of fun experiences I could expect and really made it an easy decision to go with the purchase as an investment and holiday home for my family. The Malaysia trip was all the more memorable as we got to meet some of the new families who will be our new neighbours as well!

All of this happened early in February and I was super lucky that I managed to avoid the covid lockdowns and travel restrictions. Thankfully, Theresa and Charlene’s smooth coordination of the trip and purchase showed me that finding a new home abroad doesn’t need to be a stressful and complicated experience. When we are all able to go out and about I will definitely be back.”

Dato Khor Siang Gin, Group Managing Director of Hunza Properties Group

“Since our first entry into the Hong Kong market in 2016, we have had great success in our partnership with Jade Land Properties. Providing a whole consultancy package, Jade Land has been creative in its marketing style, including a wide variety of contemporary methods to raise awareness of our properties in Penang. As our exclusive representative in Hong Kong, Jade Land acts as a direct extension of ourselves allowing us to maintain our presence there and for clients to build confidence in our brand. Sales generation and more importantly after-sales management of existing purchasers are handled on their end.

I was especially impressed with how their team was able to find new ways to do business this year, as a lot of our client’s were not able to join our viewing tours due to government cross-border travel restrictions during this covid-19 pandemic period. We instead found methods to engage prospective purchasers via a series of live interactive webinars, virtual tours and public events in accordance with the social distancing guidelines of the Hong Kong government. As a result of our mutual partnership we began to see solid results, maintaining a continuous presence in the region. 

With their assistance, we have been able to sell the majority of units in our luxury development “Alila2” and to successfully launch “Muze” the first phase of our 43-acre flagship development, PICC (Penang International Commercial City). It is my pleasure to call Jade Land Properties our long-term partner and I look forward to our continued collaboration in the future.”

Hunza Properties Group appointed Jade Land Properties as its Exclusive Agent in Hong Kong for the Alila2 upscale residence and Muze @PICC (Penang International Commercial City)


Thomas Hebestreit, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Spirit Group

“Theresa has long been a trustworthy partner for all of my property needs in Hong Kong since I first began work here over 10 years ago. She has always kept me in the know for all the good upcoming deals, and I have counted on her to build my real estate portfolio. She facilitated the purchase and interior design of several of my investment properties and her team of contractors have been top notch.

Due to the nature of my work, I am not always able to supervise the progress of these deals in a hands-on manner and the team at Jade Land Properties have allowed me to feel at ease with managing property investment. Previously, the language and cultural barriers in my experience with meeting the different local agents in Hong Kong made property purchasing prohibitively difficult. However, the team at Jade Land always made sure that my investment decisions were thoroughly screened and any property management issues promptly resolved. I full heartedly endorse Jade Land Properties as the best boutique agency in Hong Kong!”


Louisa Ko, Branch Operation & Services Manager of The Bank of East Asia

“Jade Land has been my property partner for years. With their professional services and insights, the company has helped me make the right decisions concerning overseas investments and local properties alike. This year was the right moment for me to sell my apartment in the Caine Road, Mid-levels West area, despite the current market downturn. The team kept me involved throughout the entire process and concluded the transaction at a favourable price quickly and efficiently. During the process, the team proved itself professionally with their in-depth knowledge of the market.

I also owe Jade Land a huge thank you for introducing the opportunity to invest in Alila2 in Penang. The team took me on a trip to learn about the project and its developer the Hunza Properties Group and I am certain that I made the right investment choice. Clearly there is a huge potential for us in Penang’s real estate market. I would not hesitate to express my endorsement for Jade Land. They are not only a reliable and professional local real estate partner; they bring us opportunities abroad which we otherwise will never discover.”

Khin Lee, Director of Sales & Marketing of KSK Land

I give my thanks to the team at Jade Land Properties for promoting our Kuala Lumpur City Centre branded residence, YOO8 Serviced by Kempinski to great success! They understood the positioning of our product and were able to reach our desired niche clientele. The fact that sales and marketing continue under the shadow of covid is testament to their adaptable nature and resilience.

We appreciate that Jade Land is highly selective in taking on agency appointments for individual projects rather than having many commitments to other developers, guaranteeing their focus in delivering sales. Theresa was able to develop a loyal client base who continue to support Malaysian real estate as a whole, and many purchasers who had previously purchased their developments in Penang have moved on to ours in Kuala Lumpur. The confidence that Jade Land inspires is undeniable.”

KSK Land appointed Jade Land Properties as its Exclusive Agent in Hong Kong for the Kuala Lumpur City Centre branded residence, YOO8 Serviced by Kempinski.


Andrew Pang, Director of Yoo Design Asia and Managing Partner, YOO FK

“It is refreshing being able to work with similar like-minded business associates such as the team at Jade Land Properties. Hearing of their success in promoting our project YOO8 Serviced by Kempinski, I was inspired by the team at Jade Land’s creative approach in engaging both our developer partners and potential purchasers alike in promoting their properties

I was also invited to join her in an interview for an editorial in The Standard news agency’s Home Magazine to share about the added value of branded residences. Our creative director Steve Leung participated in one of their live webinars to convey his design concept for Tower A. It was a fun and dynamic experience and I certainly understand why their buyers always come through the purchase positively. The team is always coming up with different avenues to market and convey our brand effectively.

Being the design lead for the KSK Land project in Kuala Lumpur, I give my thanks to Theresa for her introduction to the Hunza team in Penang as well. With her introduction, I was able to secure the interior design project of the special duplex penthouse units at Muze @PICC. I am excited to work together with Jade Land on more and more future projects.”

YOO is the design partner for the Kuala Lumpur City Centre development, YOO8 Serviced by Kempinski, and for the Penang duplex penthouse units in Muze@PICC.

Dato Khor Teng Tong, Founder of Hunza Properties Group

“Hunza Properties Group is pleased to call Jade Land Properties our long-term partner since 2014. As our sales and marketing consultant they introduced us to tailor-made localised marketing campaigns, allowing our brand access throughout the Hong Kong market. This year, we successfully launched the first phase of our much awaited 43-acre mixed-use development, PICC (Penang International Commercial City). We are pleased with their performance in securing sales with their strong client database, such that we are thrilled to announce our renewed partnership for the second phase of the same development next year! I am confident in having chosen Jade Land Properties as a suitable partner and am excited to see where our future cooperation takes us.”

Hunza Properties Group appointed Jade Land Properties as its Exclusive Agent in Hong Kong for the Alila2 residences and the mixed-use integrated development, PICC (Penang International Commercial City).


Joanne Kua, CEO of KSK Group and Managing Director of KSK Land

“We first met with Jade Land Properties because KSK Land wanted to expand the presence of the branded residences component at 8 Conlay, called YOO8 Serviced by Kempinski, into Hong Kong. We were looking for a partner who could understand the product and reach our niche market, and since appointing Jade Land Properties as our exclusive agent in Hong Kong they have been successful in delivering heavy foot traffic and bringing in clients that are loyal and reliable.

With a team of passionate and competent individuals, Jade Land Properties exemplifies the power of strong customer service. They have also mastered the talent of taking initiative without losing sight of the end goal, which is to accomplish sales. Through effective sales Follow-upand online advertising, they were exactly what we needed for this pioneer launch, and we look forward to our continued collaboration in the future.”

KSK Land appointed Jade Land Properties as its Exclusive Agent in Hong Kong for its branded residences called YOO8 Serviced by Kempinski.

Lily Tan, Executive Director of Hunza Properties Group

“With 40 years of experience in the property development sector in Northern Malaysia and as a consecutive winner of the FIABCI World Pix D’Excellence Award in 2014 and 2015, Hunza Properties Group is pleased with its ongoing partnership with Jade Land Properties, which has expanded our horizons towards a new pool of potential investors in Hong Kong. Our partnership and friendship with Jade Land Properties began shortly after we attended one of their private dinners, where we found a company with a profile similar to ours – one that maintains a global perspective of real estate, progressively seeks to adopt and implement new technologies and innovative ideas, and is committed in its pledge to encourage long-term relationship-building.

Our coordinated marketing campaign with Jade Land Properties for Alila2 in 2016 to 2018 made big strides in introducing our brand to Hong Kong. Compared to our previous experience with other real estate companies, Jade Land Properties was exceptionally adept in seamlessly tools and executing customised sales events for our partner, and we look forward to collaborating with them on our developments for years to come”

Hunza Properties Group appointed Jade Land Properties as its Exclusive Agent in Hong Kong for the residential project Alila2.

Wong Hoi Pang, Chief General Manager of the D38 Agency Division, YF Life

“I have known Theresa personally since 2003, and she has been my trusted friend and real estate partner ever since. Earlier this year, she invited me to attend a dinner to learn about the Penang property market and Alila2. Truthfully, I had no knowledge about Penang being a suitable investment destination before this.

After listening to a compelling sales presentation, I was particularly satisfied that everything was structured, transparent and supported by in-depth market research, and the project features were explained clearly. At the time, Alila2 was still being built, and I remember being very impressed to see such beautiful 360° bird’s eye views of the actual site. These views were taken at each individual floor and could be seen from their sales app. This was actually the most comfortable experience I’ve ever had buying a property abroad.

As a seasoned investor with local and international properties worldwide, I was curious to learn more about the situation in Southeast Asia, a lot closer to home. My wife and I joined Jade Land Properties’ viewing trip, and appreciated that they arranged visits to local landmarks. George Town, the old city centre, resonated with me on a personal level as a nostalgic reminder of colonial Hong Kong architecture.

Also, due to Hong Kong’s sky-high property prices, we were especially pleased with the price per sq.ft. affordability and the excellent apartment layout. My wife’s approval made this a decidedly easy purchase. I am extremely happy with Jade Land Properties’ customer service. We are now the proud owner of a duplex penthouse and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Freda Wong, Director of Print-Rich Products Limited

“Despite owning several properties in Hong Kong already, I came in contact with Jade Land Properties when I was introduced by a mutual friend of Theresa’s to purchase an apartment in Richmond, Vancouver, for my father-in-law. Having heard many horror stories from friends buying properties abroad, I was initially quite concerned with the process and was even planning on taking the long haul flight to Vancouver just to do some first-hand planning. I was invited to visit their exhibition where I even managed to speak directly with the developer’s representative. The entire purchasing process was simplified and streamlined, and I was relieved to meet the legal advisor who was present to resolve any queries I had.

When Theresa announced her new line-up of Malaysian properties, there was no doubt in my mind that the investment potential was high and I had to act quickly to be a part of the next purchasers site-visit to Penang! Having met so many of my future neighbours and friends, I am incredibly pleased to be part of the extended Jade Land Properties family.”

Maria Ying, Director of UNDHK

“I was referred to Jade Land Properties by a friend who had purchased a unit in Alila2. I accepted a meeting with Charlene, where she personally visited my office to present the project to us. I was impressed by her sincerity and was curious to learn more. After agreeing to attend this nice dinner party they had hosted, I was convinced to join Theresa and the team to view the actual site. We had this incredible property viewing road trip across the various Malaysian states from Penang to Kuala Lumpur to Johor! The trip was an amazing holiday with great company and now I am the proud owner of many properties, from Alila2 and Star Residences KLCC to YOO8 and UMCity Medini Lakeside!”

Dr. Wong May Kuen Alice, Orthodontist at 123Smile Dental Specialists Group Limited

“For many years, I have found myself depending on Jade Land for their expertise and reliability in sourcing top of the line overseas properties, invigorating me with ideas on developing a global portfolio to realise gains from burgeoning new markets outside of Hong Kong. Without their attentive assistance and product knowledge, I would not have been able to expand my portfolio into Canada and Malaysia so effortlessly while continuing to run my medical business. It can be onerous managing overseas properties without thorough knowledge on government requirements and regulations, but Jade Land’s team is a true one-stop shop! They lent me a great hand in the financing, management, leasing and resale of every unit that I purchased through them. I am equally glad with Jade Land’s holistic approach in addressing my investment needs, which have given me ideas in bringing my medical expertise into the Malaysian market through their highly flexible Malaysia My Second Home programme. I completely trust in their professionalism.

I applaud Jade Land’s team for the extraordinary steps they have taken to adapt their services to the current property needs of people. From interior design and renovation, to property and tenancy management, and now to overseas properties, the company has consistently been a facilitator of change in the traditionally conservative real estate industry in Hong Kong. their international mindset and unrelenting drive to reinvent ways of doing business distinguishes the company from the bulk of local property agents in Hong Kong. I express my best wishes for their continuous success!”

Patrick Kan, Chief Executive Officer at West Coast International Limited

“While I was driving, I tuned in to the radio and happened to hear a compelling dialogue about Penang, an exotic destination with high investment potential yet also suitable for living. I was compelled to call their hotline and to schedule and appointment at Jade Land’s exhibition to learn more. I received a structured one to one presentation from my sales representative, Doris. After my purchase, Jade Land’s Managing Director personally reached out to me to congratulate me and to ensure that I had a place reserved at their other Kuala Lumpur development, DC Residensi as well. We are now dear friends, and my wife and I flew together with Theresa to Kuala Lumpur on two occasions where we purchased multiple units in both DC Residensi and YOO8. I have lots of fun with Theresa and her team. I enjoy their company, the delicious meals and getaway holidays together.”

Jacky Chan, Senior Consultant at Ample Hope Education Limited

“After I saw my friend Pauline’s Facebook post about her property viewing trip to Penang, my curiosity was piqued as I had originally planned on purchasing a home abroad for my upcoming retirement plans. My friend got me in touch with Charlene at Jade Land and I scheduled a meeting at their office to learn more. I went through an incredibly streamlined presentation on the environment and lifestyle factors I hoped to expect in Penang, and I was just convinced.

Everything was so factual and I felt the research on the location’s property market and economy was in-depth and clearly displayed to support my decision to purchase the property from an investment point of view as well. To view he property at Alila2, she utilised an app with a 360 degree view of the actual site and viewings taken at each floor to aid my property selection. I was impressed by her sincerity and professionalism. I decided to join Jade Land’s 3 day 2 night viewing trip together with my wife to see the apartment for ourselves.

I especially appreciated the attentiveness and effort in planning the itinerary, flight, hotel and transportation arrangements. Other than viewing the property, they took me to see the different neighbourhoods, healthcare facilities and entertainment highlights. We met with lawyers and bankers to go through the purchasing and mortgage application procedure.  Hunza’s property management team, Hunza Care, came to meet us to reassure us about their leasing and maintenance service. We had such a good time and we felt confident to proceed with the purchase.”

Winnie Yau, Founder of Win Mark International

“I came to know Theresa through my friend, Angela. My first impression of Theresa is that she is a vibrant, charismatic and trustworthy person. We really hit it off and became fast friends! She shared all about Penang’s positive points and asked me to join her on her upcoming trip! I agreed and her team made all the travel arrangements. I felt at ease and truly enjoyed the personalised itinerary and delicious meals. I loved the Alila2 development right away and I even volunteered to feature in Jade Land’s promotional video to share my experience. I have lots of confidence in Theresa and the property as my new holiday home. I asked another good friend, Barbara and Rocks, to join me as a neighbour at Alila2 and to also support Theresa. Barbara and Rocks proceeded to purchase units in both Alila2 and PICC. With Theresa and her team, purchasing property can really be a fun and easy experience.”

Alan Koh, CEO of Alpine Return Sdn Bhd

“I am very excited to witness the successful Hong Kong launch of our latest project, Star Residences KLCC, set to be a new landmark in the capital city of Malaysia. We were introduced to Jade Land this year when we were at the International Property Awards Asia-Pacific in Bangkok. Having learnt about their outstanding integrated marketing campaigns for Alila2 from industry acquaintances, I prompted our partnership. The orchestrated promotion and sales effort demonstrated by Jade Land’s sales and marketing team at our inaugural events this year enabled us to establish brand awareness and generate bulk sales. It is refreshing to work with a team of passionate and competent individuals who take initiative in organising stylish sales events without losing sight of the end goal to accomplish sales. I am pleased with the results of our partnership thanks to their meticulous planning and execution.”

Janice Law, Director of 2233 Limited

“The team at Jade Land are my long-term property partners. I am constantly traveling, and I count on their hassle-free and personalised one-stop solution to managing the numerous Hong Kong properties in my investment portfolio. I really appreciate that they focus not only on closing a single deal, but continue to follow-up on all property-related issues, inclusive of managing the maintenance, leasing & renewals, and tenancy disputes, with great care. It is this trust that I have built with the company that gave me confidence to purchase my Canadian and Malaysian properties through them this year. The team is dependable and highly devoted towards all of their clients; they helped source opportunities abroad which I otherwise would never have discovered.”

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Asia Pacific Property Awards - Hong Kong Regional Nominee Finalist: "5-Star Best Real Estate Agency Marketing Hong Kong / “5-Star Best Real Estate Agency Single Office Hong Kong / “Real Estate Agency Website Award Winner”


The 20th Capital Outstanding Enterprise Awards / "Outstanding Overseas Property Real Estate Agency"


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