Sales & Marketing Consultant for Select International Property Developers and Purchasers

Jade Land Properties acts as a crucial advisor and agency liaison for overseas developers interested in developing a presence in Hong Kong. In turn, we assist our investors in identifying auspicious markets abroad by handpicking quality developments to assist them in building their international property portfolio.

For Developers

For Purchasers

Our established network of local agencies, professional and peripheral service suppliers allows our clients to have a framework to begin building up their brand throughout the city. We strive for sustainable partnerships with developers instead of promoting individual developments on a project by project basis. This allows us to focus on the greater goal of raising brand awareness for both the development and our developer partner throughout our continuous marketing campaign, while placing an emphasis on the overall market potential.

Localised sales and marketing strategies

Jade Land Properties formulates localised sales and marketing strategies for different development projects around the world, providing tailored solutions based on their target demographic. We identify the various pull factors for Hong Kong investors, correlating them with ongoing changes in the local property market, and then coordinate the execution of marketing campaigns and auxiliary services. These include product branding, event management & execution, and advertising artwork design & production.


Committed to a hassle-free experience, we aim to make purchasing quality properties abroad a simple and enjoyable process. We engage with our prospective purchasers on a multitude of levels, through our own radio programmes, social media, private dinners, public exhibitions & seminars and even taking the step further in organising overseas site visits. By finding effective avenues to establish our ideas, we create optimal conditions for people to experience new markets, allowing us to advance new trends in real estate.

Agency Appointments

  • 2013: Appointed agent of Hong Kong developer Swire Properties
  • 2014: Exclusive agent of Canadian developers Pinnacle International for Vancouver properties “West 10th & Maple at Arbutus” and “Tropy at the Pier” and Amacon for “Tempo Homes”
  • 2016: Exclusive agent of Malaysian developers Hunza Properties Group for Penang property “Alila2” and United Malayan Land (UMLand) for Johor property “Shama Medini”
  • 2017: Exclusive agent of Alpine Return (a joint venture between Symphony Life and UMLand) for Kuala Lumpur property “Star Residences KLCC”
  • 2018: Exclusive agent of Malaysian developer KSK Land for Kuala Lumpur property “YOO8 Serviced by Kempinski” and appointed agent of UK developer Berkeley Group for London properties “Goodman’s Fields”, “Willowbrook House” and “250 City Road”
  • 2019: Exclusive agent of Malaysian developer GuocoLand (Malaysia) Limited for Kuala Lumpur property “DC Residensi”

Close partnerships

Pictured here is Ms. Khor Tze Ming (second from the left) and Ms. Lily Tan (fourth from the left), Executive Directors of Hunza Properties Group and Mr. Alan Koh (third from the left), CEO of Alpine Return at our Managing Director, Dr. Theresa Fok’s (second on the right) “Women of Excellence 2018” award presentation ceremony.

Our Radio Programmes

Collectively known on the airwaves as the as the 地產俏嬌娃 (translated as “Property Angels”), our Theresa Fok, Khor Tze Ming and Lily Tan the Executive Directors of Hunza Properties Group have been sharing their insights into Penang, Malaysia property investment on our Metro Finance programmes co-owned with Hunza:

  • “檳城投資創未來” translated as “Invest Penang” broadcasting every Friday from 4:30pm to 5pm on FM104 focusing on Malaysia property news and its economic development

On our solely owned radio programme

  • 環球置富方程式” translated as “Superior International Property Investment” broadcast every Saturday between 12pm to 1pm on FM104, we share about a wider range of properties around the world.
  • “歎住世界樓” translated as “Happy Living Around the World” broadcasting every Thursday from 9:30am to 10:30am on FM997 specialising on lifestyle, culture, and food.

By presenting our team members as influencers, we are able to build a relationship with our followers in order to influence their purchasing behaviour in the long term. The live recording is then uploaded in the form of podcasts for repeat listenings on our company website and Metro Finance’s website and app as well.

Television Programmes

Our Managing Director Dr. Theresa Fok was noticed by preeminent talk show host Chan Wing Luk (better known as “陸叔“ translated as “Uncle Luk”) who invited her to share her entrepreneurial success story on the 30-minute prime time “TVB Biz Triz” (商.對論) local free-to-air channel TVB Finance network broadcast on national television.


Apart from our regular advertisements, we actualised a 30-minute documentary where the TVB film crew flew out to Penang for on-site filming. With a sphere of influence throughout South East Asia and the Mainland China, we are spreading the Jade Land brand to a larger audience.

Movie Sponsorship & Product Placement Ads

Our cross-media presence is also seen in a local film “原諒他77” (“77 Heartbreaks”) and “我的情敌女婿” (“A Beautiful Moment”), in which placements of the Alila2 sales brochure and billboard are cleverly embedded throughout the movies. Our company logos were displayed on promotional materials, including billboards and bus stop display stands, throughout the city; assimilating our brand into popular culture.

Outdoor Billboard

We displayed an outdoor billboard advertisement on the main highway of the prime commercial district of Wan Chai, Gloucester Road.


Book Publication

We published the first and only book about investing in Penang in Hong Kong. “Property Investment in Penang, Malaysia” is  locally distributed throughout the city in bookstores, and e-versions can be purchased on online retailer, YesAsia. The publishing of the book lent us further publicity, where we attended a major event in Hong Kong, the annual Hong Kong Book Fair, frequented by some one million visitors over the five-day event.

Pairing buyers with vendors · Our comprehensive service

Unique within the industry is our customised approach towards pairing buyers with vendors. By conducting in-depth market research and sourcing from innovative partners, we develop comprehensive case studies to enable our clients to form educated decisions when purchasing or selling. By promoting these developments in a holistic manner, we reassure our clients that their overseas assets are safe and secure.

Having an established agency liaison assuages the risks of purchasing an overseas asset and allows Jade Land to act as a direct intermediary between prospective purchasers and our overseas developers; reassuring purchasers and guiding them through the process of overseas asset acquisition. However, we go a step further in assuring that our purchasers’ assets abroad are secured; we follow up on the progress of construction and coordinate with agencies overseas for the future leasing and sale of these assets.

Overseas Site-Visits

The importance of actually visiting and experiencing the neighbourhood of an overseas purchase cannot be overstated. By request of purchasers, we travel to the site and explain the local lifestyle and environment.

After-Sales Property Management Service

A one-stop solution for all your property needs:

Maintenance & repair


Airport Limousine Pick-up Service

Our Accolades

Asia Pacific Property Awards - Hong Kong Regional Nominee Finalist: "5-Star Best Real Estate Agency Marketing Hong Kong / “5-Star Best Real Estate Agency Single Office Hong Kong / “Real Estate Agency Website Award Winner”


The 20th Capital Outstanding Enterprise Awards / "Outstanding Overseas Property Real Estate Agency"


Metro Finance's Leaders' Choice Awards / "Excellent Overseas Property Agency Brand"


The Hong Kong Council of Social Service / "Caring Company"