Our Vision

An international boutique real estate agency with holistic bespoke solutions


  • We Envision - Assessing our clients' needs and their far reaching potential
  • We Evolve - Leveraging on our local knowledge and global outlook to unlock insight into new opportunities in real estate
  • We Realise - Creating value with customised solutions to meet the needs of our clients
  • We Partner - Building sustainable partnerships


Jade Land Properties (HK) Limited is a boutique real estate consultancy in Hong Kong with a vision of global real estate, where investing in overseas properties is simple, transparent, and easily accessible. We identify auspicious markets abroad and handpick quality developments to assist our clients in building their international property portfolio. Our defining feature is the ability to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients by improving on the concept of a one-stop service provider; seamlessly integrating the core of our client-centric experience with our proficiency as a provider of international properties.


Unique within the industry is our customised approach towards pairing buyers with vendors. By conducting in-depth market research and sourcing from innovative partners, we develop comprehensive case studies to enable our clients to form educated decisions when purchasing or selling. By promoting these developments in a holistic manner, we reassure our clients that their overseas assets are safe and secure.


Our Unique Perspective


We inspire others with a vision which extends beyond the constraints of current industry practices. Whether it is the concept of a one-stop shop, the transformation of old homes into modernity or our venture into overseas properties, we are constantly finding new opportunities to set a higher standard. With our sights on the Malaysian property market, Jade Land Properties has the ambition and commitment to fully realise this untapped market.


In comparison with our competitors, we strive for sustainable partnerships with developers instead of promoting individual developments on a project by project basis. This allows us to focus on the greater goal of raising brand awareness for both the development and our developer partner throughout our continuous marketing campaign, while placing an emphasis on the overall market potential. Creating a demand for Malaysian properties paves the way for future developments to come.


Committed to a hassle-free experience, we aim to make purchasing quality properties abroad a simple and enjoyable process. We engage with our prospective purchasers on a multitude of levels: through social media, private dinner events and public exhibitions, and even taking a step further in organising overseas site visits. By finding effective avenues to establish our ideas, we create optimal conditions for people to experience new markets, allowing us to advance new trends in real estate.


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