Why Invest in Medini, Johor in Malaysia?

The special economic zone of Medini is set to be the new CBD of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 


Proximity to Singapore

Adjoining the Singaporean border, Malaysia's southern state of Johor is a fast-growing region akin to Shenzhen vis-à-vis its relationship with Hong Kong, and boasts immense development potentials. In particular, the southern corridor of Iskandar within Johor is an area of strategic development by the Malaysian government.

Within Iskandar, 5 flagship zones are identified with economic growth focus. Of the 5 zones, Medini is the only special economic zone located in Flagship B Iskandar Puteri. Medini is set to be the new Central Business District of Iskandar specializing in finance and biotechnology, education, medical tourism, entertainment and recreation, and state administration.

It is merely a 20 minute drive to the Singapore customs "Tuas Checkpoint".

Medini Exclusive Benefits

As this special economic zone benefits from no real property gain tax, reduced expat income tax for qualified knowledge workers, and corporate tax could be exempted for 10 years for approved companies, it has attracted an influx of international corporations with the freedom to source workers globally without restriction.

Mass Investment

Currently, this region has received RM262.43 billion in cumulative investment, and its activities range from manufacturing, tourism, healthcare, emerging technology, education, finance, creative, to a plethora of miscellaneous industries. 

To date, many international firms have already settled in Medini. Microsoft has invested RM5-6 billion to set up its data center, while Huawei has set up its first regional data hosting center for its Asia Pacific Digital Cloud Exchange service. Hershey, one of the largest global chocolate manufacturers, has invested RM 816 million for a new 70,000-sq. ft. manufacturing plant, while UK-based Pinewood studio has also settled in the area. Therefore, the demand for housing for expatriates has risen sharply. 

Excellent City Planning

EduCity, another highlight of the Medini zone, features a myriad of recognized educational institutes, including University of Southern California and Raffles University. For primary and secondary education, boarding schools are scattered across the neighborhood, for instance, the Marlborough College Malaysia and Raffles American School. Other tourism hotspots nearby include the Puteri Harbour and Johor Premium Outlet, both  providing abundant shopping and dining ideas. The highlight feature of Puteri Harbour is its yacht docking facilities.



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