Our Exclusive Local Radio Programs

We are the only Hong Kong real estate agency with our own radio programmes on Metro Finance (新城財經台) specialising in international property investment. By presenting our team members as influencers, we are able to build a relationship with our followers in order to influence their purchasing behaviour in the long term.

We currently have the following three radio programmes:

【環球置富方程式】translated as “Global Wealth Acquisition: A Comprehensive Strategy” Broadcast every Saturday from 12pm to 1pm on FM104

Our radio programme 【環球置富方程式】 translated as “Global Wealth Acquisition: A Comprehensive Strategy” on FM104 is solely hosted by our company to share about properties around the world.

It includes an additional lifestyle section titled as 【霍碧君置磚人生】translated as “Theresa’s Ultimate Property Life”. This lifestyle series is dedicated to interviewing high profile personalities in Hong Kong, and to reveal their success stories, while sharing lifestyle tips, investment insights and everyday anecdotes.

We invited elite members of Hong Kong society to star as guest speakers on our radio show, including:

  • Christy Wo the owner of a luxury watch brand and a famous local celebrity
  • Frank Yu the Founding Partner of innovative architect firm Gravity Partnership
  • Eric Ho the Chairman & Executive Director of hyper car manufacturer Apollo Future Mobility Group
  • Darryl O’Young, Professional Race Car Driver

The purpose of expanding on these elements in our radio program is to engage the interest of the public, to inspire entrepreneurship and to discuss how to secure good property investment opportunities. In addition, this program acts as a platform for us to network with successful individuals and their network, and to directly promote our properties to them.

Every episode is filmed and photographed for further promotions on Jade Land’s and our Managing Director Dr. Theresa Fok’s YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram Pages. Guest speakers will be tagged on our social media platforms, so that their followers will be able to see our posts. The recordings are also uploaded in the form of podcasts for repeat listening on our corporate website and Metro Finance’s website and app as well.

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【檳城投資創未來】translated as “Invest in Penang to Reinvent Your Future” Broadcast every Friday from 4:30pm to 5pm on FM104

In 【檳城投資創未來】translated as “Invest in Penang to Reinvent Your Future”, we share about Penang, Malaysia’s property market outlook, economic development, investment strategies & popular locations.

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【歎住世界樓】 translated as “Indulging in International Properties” on FM997 Broadcast every Friday from 9am to 10am on FM104

In【歎住世界樓】 translated as “Indulging in International Properties”, we share about the uniqueness of Penang, Malaysia’s lifestyle, culture, and food.

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Our Accolades

Asia Pacific Property Awards - Hong Kong Regional Nominee Finalist: "5-Star Best Real Estate Agency Marketing Hong Kong / “5-Star Best Real Estate Agency Single Office Hong Kong / “Real Estate Agency Website Award Winner”


The 20th Capital Outstanding Enterprise Awards / "Outstanding Overseas Property Real Estate Agency"


Metro Finance's Leaders' Choice Awards / "Excellent Overseas Property Agency Brand"


The Hong Kong Council of Social Service / "Caring Company"