Our Services

In addition to the customary role of facilitating lease and sale transactions, we offer a comprehensive list of services:

Official representative for select property developers

Jade Land Properties acts as an agency liaison for overseas developers interested in developing a presence in Hong Kong. Our established network of local agencies, professional and peripheral service suppliers allows our clients an opportunity to begin building up their brand throughout the city.

Jade Land formulates localised sales and marketing strategies for different developers around the world, providing tailored solutions based on their target demographic. We identify the various pull factors for Hong Kong investors, correlating them with ongoing changes in the local property market, and then coordinate the execution of marketing campaigns and auxiliary services. These include project management, and design and production of sales material.

Having an established agency liaison assuages the risks of purchasing an overseas asset and allows Jade Land to act as a direct intermediary between prospective purchasers and our overseas developers; reassuring purchasers and guiding them through the process of overseas asset acquisition. However, we go a step further in assuring that our purchasers’ assets abroad are secured; we follow up on the progress of construction for pre-completed developments and coordinate with agencies overseas for the future leasing and sale of these assets.

Relocation service

We assist expatriates in settling into their new homes as quickly and smoothly as possible, providing pertinent information and advice on any nearby amenities, international school networks and transportation routes. This is closely integrated with our tenancy and property management work, where our intelligent Property Administrative System identifies and assigns suitable units to our clients according to their preferences. Whether it be designing and repurposing a living space or finding a suitable office, our company is attentive of all our client’s needs.

Interior design and renovations

Jade Link Concept (Hong Kong) Limited was inaugurated in 2006 to support the renovation needs of our clients’ residences and to reinvent potential investment properties for future leasing and resale. We offer a comprehensive interior design package, source contractors, and carry out regular maintenance work. A core feature is our ability to optimise the available space with efficient designs and custom-made furniture to suit each unique floor layout. Over 300 projects have been completed by Jade Link since its inception.

Corporate leasing and sales

We assist corporate managers and human resources professionals with their residential and commercial leasing or purchasing needs.

Tenancy and property management

We act as an intermediary between owners and their tenants, handling enquiries and resolving disputes promptly. Our staff keeps you informed of important upcoming lease expiry dates and perform regular preventive maintenance works on schedule. It is our goal for clients to take a hands-off approach in owning properties, smoothing out day-to-day trivialities and enhancing the value of their investment portfolio.