Mid-Levels North Point
Mid-Levels North Point are located in the Eastern District of Hong Kong, bounded by Hung Fat Street in the west and Mansion Street to the east. To the north is Victoria Harbour with the greenery of Braemar Hill bordering to the south. The areas are a mixture of new luxury developments and older Chinese buildings. Fortress Hill, which is part of North Point district to the east, has many modern high rise towers. In recent years there have been many new towers built along Cloud View Road and Tin Hau Temple Road, such as Sky Horizon and Summit Court and there are also older developments such as Flora Garden and Beverley Heights. Up on the hill in Braemar Hill there is a large recreation park Choi Sai Woo Park. Surrounding this you have a couple of popular large developments - Braemar Hill Mansions and Pacific Palisades.